Jaosn Riedel

Jason Riedel

Sr. Architect

About Jason

Experienced & Passionate technologist commited to life long learning who loves to write code to automate & solve difficult problems. Currently at PayPal focusing on building highly available, scalable application infrastructure & datacenter deployment architectures.


PayPal - Sr. Architect - Operations Architecture

2013 - Present

Responsibilities Included:
➢ Developing scalable, highly available & PCI compliant architectures.
➢ Creating and maintaining architectural standards & framework guidelines.
➢ Serving as the Lead Operations Architect for the PayPal production DR program.
➢ Serving as the Lead Operations Achitect for the Metro Datacenter program. Developing highly available infrastructure, datacenter, and application deployment patterns to scale our site by designing patterns to take advantage of stateful and stateless application characteristics.

PayPal - Architect - Site Engineering

2010 - 2012

Responsibilities included:
➢ Serving as the Lead Site Engineer for Replatforming a program to re-write the PayPal.com site Payment & Checkout product leveraging an in-memory NoSQL datastore, Journaling database, and read only replicas for payment processing.
➢ Serving as the Lead Site Engineer for an in-house NoSQL in memory only solution to provide consistency and high availability at incredible scale.
➢ Serving as the Lead Site Engineer for an in-house layer 7 router / proxy that replaced the sites front end routing and provided additional security & availability through automated retry of failed requests.
➢ Serving as the Lead Site Engineer for Checkout. Was initimate with all application architectures that made up the Checkout product line for PayPal.
➢ Writing invaluable tooling such as a Firewall Generation utility using Python & Django.

PayPal - Systems Administrator - Unix Systems

2006 - 2010

Resonsibilities Included:
➢ Systems Administration of Redhat, Solaris, AIX and Windows systems.
➢ Administration of Netapp Filers, F5 LTM's, and Netscaler load balancers.
➢ Administration of Apache, Tomcat, Bind9, Cfengine, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Ironport.
➢ Failovers of database clusters using VCS
➢ Request/Renew/Install of SSL certificates in Apache, F5's and Netscalers
➢ Writing of Apache mod_rewrite rules to block cross site scripting attacks.
➢ Writing invaluable tools such as VCS Check to validate the healthy of VCS clusters prior to a failover using Perl.

PayPal - Lead Systems Administrator - NOC

August 2005 - 2006

➢ Responsibilities Included:
➢ Assisting in the build out of the first generation PayPal NOC
➢ Resolving site outages
➢ Troubleshooting & resolving issues with Redhat, Solaris and Windows systems.
➢ Maintaining Netapp, F5, Citrix Netscalers, Apache configuration, site configure with Cfengine, code pushes, and site maintenances.
➢ Responding to & resolving Nagios & Big Brother alerts.
➢ Administrating Batch infrastructure using Appworx to ensure SLA's were met with financial institutions.
➢ Writing numerous scripts to scrape log files and perform administration tasks using Perl.

Pearson School Technologies - Systems Administrator

2004 - 2005

Responsibilities included:
➢ Imaging systems using Kickstart & Jumpstart.
➢ Deploying applications / Code release.
➢ Maintaining patch & firmware levels.
➢ Monitoring host & user transactions.
➢ Developing & maintaining datacenter management policies.
➢ Serving as the primary Nagios & Foglight administrator.
➢ Writing Perl scripts for automated Nagios additions.
➢ Participating in an SLA driven on call rotation to troubleshoot system and application level service failures.
➢ Developing an Asset tracking system with Perl & MySQL
Experience With/In:
➢ Hardware: SunFire 220, 240, 280, 440, and 480, Dell PowerEdge, and Compaq Proliant servers.
➢ Storage: Sun StoreEdge A1000, D1000, T3's and Dell PowerVault 2205.

CableOne - Internet Engineer

2001 - 2004

Responsibilities included:
➢ Performing hybrid role of both a Sr. Network Engineer & Sr. Systems Administrator
➢ Installing cable modem head ends for Cable service in new markets.
➢ Turning up, monitoring, and maintaining telecom circuits at T1, DS3, OC3, and OC12 speeds.
➢ Managing all aspects of of Linux Redhat & Windows NT systems.
➢ Troubleshooting & resolving core network routing (EIGRP, BGP, RIP) issues
> Managing Mail Servers, Web Mail, DNS, Web Servers, and more.
➢ Managing IP Chains/IP Tables, and Access Lists.
➢ Managing Whats Up gold, MRTG, RRD, and Nagios monitoring tools.
➢ Handling IP requests for new address space & management of existing IP space with ARIN.
➢ Creating & maintaining new cable modem configuration files using Cisco Docsis Cable Modem Configurator to be handed out via TFTP
➢ Participating as 24/7 On Call, for the highest level of technical escalation.
Experience With/In:
➢ Hardware: various Compaq/Dell servers, Cisco routers (VXR 7200), Cisco Cable Modem Termination Systems/Universal Broadband Routers (VXR 7200’s), Cisco Catalyst Switches (CAT OS, IOS), Cisco Content Engine 590’s
➢ Programming: Various engineering utilities in Perl/PHP & VBS that managed Cisco gear, MS/My SQL, LDAP, POP/IMAP/SMTP, DNS, Linux systems and more. Also wrote a ticketing system in ASP.

PSN Internet Services - Senior Systems Administrator

1999 - 2001

Responsibilities Included:
➢ Managed Linux Redhat, Solaris and BSDi systems running Apache, Sendmail, and more.
➢ Created a web application to add new DSL subscribers to our routers.
➢ Maintained all cisco 7204 VXR routing configuration for IP & BGP as well as access list and security configuration.
➢ Developed a web based location aware outage mailing list service for customers.
➢ Assisted in IP management & utilization tracking
➢ Developed a training manual on Cisco routers for other technicians.
➢ Monitored, Troubleshot & restored all server & network outages.


  • Python/Django
  • Perl/CGI
  • PHP
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL


  • MySQL
  • Hadoop
  • Elastic Search
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
  • Kafka
  • Couchbase
  • Openstack
  • The Foreman
  • VMware
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • ActiveMQ
  • RabbitMQ
  • Celery
  • Apache
  • HAProxy
  • Nagios


  • F5 LTM
  • F5 GTM
  • Citrix Netscaler
  • Routing
  • Switching
  • SolidFire
  • NetApp


A+ Certified, September 1999


Certification #DC9DTT0585

CCNA Certified, August 2000


Certification #CSCO10120344

RHCT, June 2005


Certification #604005997594143